Trek Lounger Lazy Sofa

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Distinctive Comfort

TheTrek Lounger is the ideal companion for wherever your travels take you. Whether you are jetting off on your holiday, rocking out at a festival, or camping out in the wilderness; you can experience them all in complete comfort. Lie back and chill out as you make the most of your adventures. This lounger offers all-round support by molding shape of your body while being strong as it is able to take weights of up to 250 kg


The ideal part about this lounger is that it weighs just 1.3 kg, and is carried in a drawstring carry bag. This compact design means it is carried with ease, can be attached to a hiking bag or packed easily in a suitcase. All of this means that you no longer have to worry about carrying heavy and bulky chairs wherever you go.

Easy to Use

Not only is this lounger easy to carry, it is really easy to inflate and deflate. To inflate, simply open up one end and move in short, sharp bursts to trap the air inside. Repeat this a few times for each side. From here, simply roll up the end to compress the air inside, and then use the use the clip buckle to keep the rolls in place. And that's it! For further explanation of the technique to inflate this, please view the video. When you are finished with the lounger, simply unclip and open up the bag, and begin rolling from the closed end. Then you just fold up and place the lounger in the carry bag. Easy!

All Terrain

You can use this lounger wherever you are. So whether you are at the beach, round a swimming pool, out in a field or halfway up a mountain, you can be sure that this lounger is up to the task! Fully waterproof and made from a strong woven nylon; the trek lounger will go wherever you go.

Handy Extras

This lounger also comes with an additional side pocket which is ideal for storing your phone, tablet, book, keys etc! No-one wants these to end up in the mud or sand. Plus, there is also a metal peg for you to secure the lounger when not in use; preventing it from blowing away if it's a bit too breezy.

  • Colours: Blue, Pink, Black, Turquoise
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and Portable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Includes a carry bag and peg
  • Side pocket for storing small items (cell phone, keys, book etc)
  • Super comfortable