About Us

As experts of our craft and unparalleled vision to the cause, we proudly invite you to be a part of something timeless.
To be a Young Pioneer is to be an explorer with a thirst for the unknown and the kind of trust that leads the way to discover original and imaginative worlds far beyond our own. It is this belief that introduced Young Pioneer to the industry and since our launch in 1991, we have amiably earned our recognition in the cellular industry.

As a result of our customer driven values and trusted products, we have extended our services and commodities to Corporate and Technology Gifts, which we specifically design and source. In addition, we also provide branding services for our clients who require branded gifts and accessories. We design our own packaging as we do our products. We believe in innovation by design which keeps us providing the most advanced technologies and mobile accessories available on the market.
Our well-established reputation and longstanding commitment to customers continue to influence our growth by inspiring us to set new goals on maintaining our core values of smart, protective, and innovative cellular accessories.

With a wide platform of products suitable for the ideal pioneer - ranging from smart phone covers, power banks, cables and other variants of peripherals, we’ve grown to become one of the leading providers of premium mobile accessories in the South African cellular market. We ensure that our products are high quality, manufactured using top range materials and tested over and over to certify pioneer satisfaction. We prepare our customers to stylishly and practically explore any venture… even if it’s just to the supermarket.